The CALM Early Care & Learning Framework

Connecting neuroscience, theoretical research, positive psychology and intentional praxis to strengthen and support the social and emotional well-being and capabilities of young children and the adults around them.

The CALM Curriculum

The CALM Curriculum is a Canadian play-based program informed by science and theoretical research, and developed to support and strengthen the social emotional well-being of children 4-7 years old, their educators and parents/caregivers. 

The CALM Curriculum is aligned and linked with the BC & CASEL's Core Competencies and fosters the skills children will need for life long success, including empathy, social responsibility and self-management. 

CALM 2 Curriculum is currently being piloted.

Educators & Professionals

Together with educators and early childhood professionals, The CALM Early Care & Learning Framework is creating a trajectory of positive change in the social & emotional well-being of young children. 

To support your knowledge and skills in self-regulation and social emotional well-being, the CALM Team facilitates the following: 

- The CALM Curriculum Training

- Communities of Practice with CALM

- Raising Children in Today's World: Connecting with CALM 

Parents / Caregivers

Connecting parents and caregivers with The CALM Curriculum creates the continuity of self-regulation understanding, language, and strategies to support and promote positive social and emotional development and well-being in the home or while in your care.

Connecting with parents and caregivers is often through community education events, outreach child development activities, 

The CALM Connection parenting group includes a 2 hour education workshop and 6 weeks learning through group modules. 


Melvin's Tips Book

Melvin's Tips is a pre-Kindergarten guide to nurture your child's development and well-being. Targeted to parents, caregivers and professionals of 3-5 year olds, the guide is written through the character of Melvin and with language as spoken by young children. 

Melvins' Tips include nurturing each developmental domain - gross & fine motor, cognitive,  language, reading & printing, and social & emotional, and prosocial development.  Melvin's Tips book also encourages the ICARE approach to understand and respond to a child's big emotions, particularly with discipline. 

Melvin's Tips Book is available at $1.25 per copy.  
To make a request please complete the message contact field below. 

CALM Educator Portal

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Melvin's Blog

About CALM

Melvin & Friends

Melvin, the monkey, is the unforgetable character of The CALM Curriculum. Children and adults, alike, are drawn to his character, mannerisms and are attuned to his words and engage in his activites. Along with Tucker, the turtle and Sadie, the sloth, Melvin is creating a trajectory of positive change in the social emotional well-being of young children and their adults!

The Fraser Valley Child Development Centre

Founded in 1982, FVCDC is dedicated to strengthening the well-being, growth and participation of children, youth and their families through innovative, evidence-based, child development services. We believe in "Helping Kids Shine". (108163163RR0001)

The CALM Story

In 2013-15 founders Kiran Sidhu and Jodie Elliott and the FVCDC, collaborated with regional communities to develop The CALM Curriculum. This work  has since grown adding the CALM Connection, Melvin's Tips and scaffolds supports which address the barries for authentic systems change. 

Meet our Graphics Team

Illustrator, Paul Gill and graphic designer, Camilla Coates have brought the CALM initiative to life. Children and adults are drawn to the characters of CALM and the easy to use of the curriculum and kit. Thank you!

Where is Melvin?

The CALM Curriculum is now being implemented in all 4 school districts in the Upper Fraser Valley. Regional childcare and preschools also use CALM in their settings. Recently CALM went to Cowichan, Langley and Melvin's Tips book was in Nepal. WOW!


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